what is it


The SLOW Fest is a digital festival by Digital Girl Africa (DGA) with 30+ carefully curated workshops, masterclasses and talks set to empower women+ throughout the entire 16 Days of Activiam (DOA). The ingenuity of the SLOW Fest doesn’t only lie in its counter-culture approach to activism but it can also be found in the way it comes together. Over the 16 days DGA will bring together 30+ women+ and voices to create 30+ digital moments that will live on as small revolutions in their own right. Forever.


Sustainable + Low (emotional & environmental impact)

slow fest themes



Future of Work   |   Future of Leadership  |   Future of Finance


Where is the SLOW Fest happening?

The SLOW Fest is a digital festival taking place online with a few events IRL in our studio in Observatory, Cape Town.

How can I get involved in the slow fest?

Engage! Engage! Engage! then drop us an email detailing how you’d like to get involved with either Digital Girl Africa below.

How can I join the slow tribe?

The Slow tribe Call happens bi-annually. So subscribe to DGA and we’ll keep you in the loop when the next Tribe call is out.

Where do the donation proceeds go?

Putting a festival such as this one is a lot of work and needs a lot of hands on board. This is how we plan to use your donation: 10%: Compensate Slow Fest speakers. 40%: Compensate the amazing team that put this together. 50%: Will help us cover our operational costs such as paying for our studio rent, wifi, stationary and making sure there is always coffee and tea for you when you decide to visit us at our studio :) Most importantly, your contribution is going towards supporting us in continuing our work to ensure that more women and girls are fluent and confident in using technology.

Where is DGA located/ based?

We have a studio in Cape Town, however, we are a network of women scattered across the continent.

Can men get involved?

DGA is a women focused digital hub that is interested in empowering marginalized groups beyond the binary gender spectrum. We encourage men to be allies and support the movement however we are a womxn centric organization.